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Migrate from Papers 2 to Mendeley for Mac

今天花了点时间从 Papers 2 搬到 Mendeley,因为 Papers 2 的 library 里面链接了不少 pdf 文档,希望这些链接和文档都能无缝转移到 Mendeley。步骤如下:

  1. Papers 2: Export to bibtex, choose “complete” option.
  2. Remove a few fields in the exported .bib file.
    • file field. I tried to remove the local-url filed instead of the file filed, but it would give duplicate pdf file links in Mendeley after import.
    • uri field. It seems to be a field dedicated only to Papers 2, so I removed it entirely.
  3. In Mendeley preferences, choose “organize my files” to copy pdf files into Mendeley’s folder.
  4. Import the .bib file into Mendeley. The pdf files will be copied into Mendeley folder, and the file links will be preserved.
  5. Delete the Papers 2 library.